Tomáš Motal

Tomáš Motal was born in Olomouc, 1987. He studied art engraving in Tovačov. He graduated from painting at Faculty of Art in Ostrava. Paranoid schizophrenic with thin hears, neglected teeth and with overweight. He tends to addictive drugs, emotional fluctuation with strong social phobia and sense of unsociable humour. Songwriter and frontman of Schwarzprior band (album IDDQD 2014), occasional actor (Vienna Calling 2018, Morava, krásná zem 3: Genesis 2019) and comics author (Komiksová Kytice 2016, Hrdelní zločiny tišnova a okolí 2017, Midnight in Prague 2018, TRAUM season one 2019, season two 2020). His art medium is a comic and from comic esthetic derived forms of drawings and illustrations. His work is characterized by complicated thought narrative, dark and mysterious atmosphere, black humour, irony, dirt and industrial. Obsession with bizzare human generations, junk approach, irony, body horror and white trash esthetic. Losers are heroes, figures with no perspective.

Insta: motal_tomas

TRAUM comic series

Traum is a comic series drawn from sci-fi, horror, crime stories, noir, black comedy and satire genre. Take place mostly inside the Eastern Europe and reflect historical events of post-Soviet states. Through fictional events, real and fake characters and fantastic elements enrich historical reality. All expected millenium approaching tightly. In 1999, the world began spinning differently. The global events changed the world totally. What disseminates is fear and uncertainty, alarming news about the end of the world and paranormal activities. Don´t all these events have their origin deeply in the past time of the Cold War? Stories about common people who make bad things to other common people working ordinarily in the dying world. A bit retro, a bit post-apocalyptic, conspirative sci-fi. As if someone in the 90´s made the X-Files, the Outer Limits, Arrival, Children of Men, District 9, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Fargo or Half Life in Czech for instance.